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Elweb Lolita

Posted on July 15 2012


Related article: Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2005 12:03:33 -0400From: d l Subject: Dr. Mitchell's Exam Part 4This is a fictional story involving youth/youth and/or adult/youth sexualrelationships. If this type of material offends you, or if you are not oflegal age, please do not read Elweb Lolita any further. This material is intended formature adult audiences. Names, characters, locations and incidents areeither the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Anyresemblance to actual events or locales, or persons, living or dead, isentirely coincidental.Your comments and feedback are welcome.Dr. Mitchell's Exam Part FourIt was getting' closer to the start of the school year and I could hardlywait. I was nervous 'bout bein' with a bunch of new kids, but I was lookin'forward to tryin' out for the soccer team. Dr. Mitchell went to the sameschool I was about to start, so he would tell me all about it. It sounded alot nicer than the one I went to before. He told me bout the gym there an'about how they had locker rooms and all. He even bought me a new pair ofumbros and a lock for my locker since I didn't have one an' he said I'd beneedin' one. I felt funny takin' presents from him, but he insisted. I hidthe Elweb Lolita presents form my Pa 'cause I knew he'd be sore if he knew I hadaccepted a gift from someone outside the family.Dr. Mitchell came by a few more times before the school year started andeach time was better than the last. I hoped I'd still be able to see himonce school started, and he assured me that we would. Elweb Lolita I kept Elweb Lolita thinkin' onetime he'd drop the act and lose control of himself and just fool aroundwith me without the doctor stuff. I guess somethin' in him couldn't face itif he was doin' it just cause he liked it. An' I guess, in a way, it madeit easier for me to accept what we was doin' if it was under the guise ofan exam. I couldn't help but admit that I had strong feelings for him. Notgirly romantic feelings like in a Harlequin novel, but a real strongfeelin' like he was close to me, like family. He made me feel good, an' Iwas happy to be around him, wanted to be like him.Anyways, it was finally time to start school. The first week was ablur. The school was huge, compared to my old school. It even had twostories and a real gym and a track and everything. I felt tiny, there wereso many people. Just tryin' to find my way around was hard enough, not tomention bein' around all these new people. I didn't talk much to anyone -tried to stay out of everyone's way 'till I figured out what's what. Ifigured maybe I'd meet some people if I made it on the soccer team.Try-outs were on the second week of classes. I was nervous, but I had afeelin' I'd be able to make it on the team. I went to the gym after school,like I was 'sposed to, to get changed and ready for try-outs. I went intothe boys locker room and found an empty locker to change. There were lotsof boys there already - most of them seemed to now each other. They wereall jokin' and hollerin'. It smelled like old socks and sweat in there, butit was a lot nicer than the tiny room we had to change in at my oldschool. I was tryin' hard not to look at the other boys while theychanged. I'd never been around so many half-dressed people before. I wantedto look so badly and check out what the other guys had in their shorts, butI tried to just focus on what I was doin'.As soon as I'd got my umbros on and Elweb Lolita my soccer cleats, I headed out to thefield. As I passed by the coach's office, a voice boomed out at me, "YouMcCavett?"I stopped in my tracks, scared as hell. I looked in the office and behindthe desk sat this burly guy with a fresh crew cut."Y-yes sir," I Elweb Lolita replied."Get in here and shut the door behind you," he barked.I did as he said and stood in front of his desk, lookin' down at my feet."So, you're the new kid?""Yes, sir.""Well, I talked to your old coach, an' he said you was pretty good. We'regonna hafta see how you measure up here. We got some pretty good playersourselves.""Yes, sir."I looked up at him. He had his feet up on the desk. Big feet. He was tall,I could tell, even sittin' down. I guessed he was in his early forties,with salt an' pepper hair. He wore a pair of white football shorts and adark blue polo with the school's logo on it an' a whistle 'round hisneck. He was chewin' on an' old stinky, unlit cigar, which looked like he'denjoyed the better part of earlier.He looked me up an' down, sizin' me up like I was dinner."I see you got decent shoes an' shorts. You got a jockstrap?""A what?" I sputtered.He shook his head an' laughed."A jockstrap. Got one or not?""Guess not, sir.""Well what are you wearin' under those shorts?""Just my underpants, sir.""Well drop your shorts and lets see.""Sir?""I don't have time to fool around with you country bumpkins. Now dropthose umbros and let me see what kinda underpants you got on," he saidfirmly.My face flushed and I felt like I was on fire, but I did what I was told. Ididn't want to make him angry. I grabbed the waistband of my umbros andpushed 'em down to my knees so the coach could see my tighty whiteys."Well those aint gonna fly here," he said. "Seein' as how you aint got one,maybe I can find one for you here."Coach started diggin' around in one of his desk drawers. He came up withsomethin' and tossed it at me. I jumped and caught the yellowed mesh objectin my hand. I turned it over, a bit startled. It had these funny leg strapsand a mesh pouch for your privates. It suddenly dawned on me that it didn'thave no behind, and that this one certainly had been worn before. I wastryin' to figure out how to wear it when coach snapped at me."Put it on, McCavett!""But, coach, I think this Elweb Lolita one's already been used.""Do I look like I'm runnin' a department store? I aint got new ones for youto try on. You're just gonna hafta make due.""Yes, sir. Sorry sir." I went to pull up my shorts and head back into thelocker room."What do you think you're doin'?""I was goin' back to the locker room to put this on.""Do it here. I wanna make sure you get it on right."With that, coach stood up from behind his desk and came around to stand infront of me. He sat against the back of his desk and folded his big,muscled arms over his chest."I'm waitin'. Aint got all day."I was mortified. I was gonna hafta get naked in front of my coach and putthis on with him just inches away and watchin' me. He tapped his footimpatiently and gave me a look that told me he wasn't foolin'. I figuredI'd better do this quick. I grabbed the waistband of my tighty whiteys andshoved them down and pulled 'em off along with my umbros. I stepped outthem and then fumbled with the jockstrap, tryin' to figure which way to getit on."Well, shit! Guess I hafta do everything around here."Coach grabbed the strap outta my hand and got on his knees before me. Myface burned red as the big, muscled coach got down before me just inchesfrom my dick. Lookin' down at his close-cropped hair, I started to feelmyself bone up. The coach was pretty good lookin', and havin' him downthere got me thinkin' all kinds of dirty thoughts.The coach made quick work of getting' the strap untangled and had me stepinto it one foot at a time. Then he stood up as he pulled it up and tuggedthe mesh pouch over my slowly thickening cock and balls. I prayed hewouldn't notice the growing of my thick dick. As he got it all the way uphe gave the pouch a squeeze and then pulled the edges out to make sure itcovered all the way around my big nuts. My breath caught and my cockthrobbed under the coach's big calloused hands."Turn around," he barked.I did, quickly, glad to be able to hide my thickening meat from thecoach. He reached his hands down and ran his fingers between the leg strapsand my naked ass 'till they met in the middle under my balls. Then he gavemy right ass check a hard slap, which made me jump."Well, there you go, McCavett. That's your first lesson today. Now get yourshorts up and get out on the field.""Yes, sir," I said, fumbling to get my shorts back up.I practically Elweb Lolita ran out the door and back to my locker to stash myunderwear. My dick was quickly getting to full hard and the feel of themesh pouch wasn't helpin' any. Also, the feel of my exposed ass against myshorts gave me a strange thrill. The coach's hands on my near naked bodyhad made hornier than all get out and I was strugglin' to keep my dickdown. Knowin' that some other jock had worn this same strap and had sweatin it and who knows what else, gave me a weird thrill too. What I wanted todo was run into the john and snap one off real quick. As horny as I was, Iknew it wouldn't take me a minute, but I knew I didn't have the time. Iquickly got my stuff away and turned to Elweb Lolita head back out to the field. As Icame 'round the bank of lockers I ran smack into another kid headin' in theother direction. The shock of our collision made my head spin."Shit," I said."Fuck," the other kid said."Sorry, man, I didn't see you comin'""Guess not, you should watch where you're goin'"I recognized the kid from one of my classes. He was actually a year belowme, but he skipped ahead a year in geometry."You're Sam, right?""Yeah. You're the new kid. Nick?""Yeah, hey, sorry about that.""Don't worry about it. We better hustle up though. Coach'll be pissed ifwe're draggin' our feet."I followed him outta the locker room and onto the field. We quickly linedup and listened to the coach give his spiel about the team an' how hard itwas gonna be an' how he was gonna work our asses off if we made it on theteam. Generally tryin' to scare the shit out of us. It was workin' on me. Icouldn't help but let my mind wander a bit as I thought about what hadhappened earlier in the coach's office. Watchin' the Elweb Lolita coach pace in front ofus I couldn't help but admire his body. He looked tough, like a drillsargeant as he barked at us. I liked lookin' at his strong legs and thickhairy thighs. The way his ass moved in those tight shorts. It looked likehe had some serious business in the front of his shorts and I salivatedjust thinkin' about what he'd look like without those tight shorts. Helooked like a real man, kinda like my Pa. Sturdy and hard. He was real tan,which set off his gray-blue eyes. His salt and pepper crew cut sparkled inthe strong sun. I was lettin' myself get carried away and I could feel mycock thickening again. I quickly tried to think of something else beforethings got outta hand.Coach really put us through it. He had us runnin' all kids of drills. I wassweatin' like crazy as we ran up and down the field in the hot afternoonsun. We was 'sposed to pair up for some of the drills and I quicklysearched out Sam. I found him quickly and luckily he hadn't found a partneryet. We did a couple more drills together. I was better than him, by far,and I was glad to be able to show I was good at somethin'. At one point,coach told us to Elweb Lolita do sit ups. One partner was to hold the others feet downand count off. Sam went first and he got into position on the grass. He layon his back with his legs bent at the knees. I grabbed his feet and heldthem down as he started his sit-ups. From where I was sittin' I could seestraight up Sam's shorts to his jock strap. He had real smooth thighs and Icouldn't tear my eyes away from the bulge in his strap. Sweat was drippin'down his tanned legs as he strained to keep up with the sit-ups. Seemed Ihad only one thing on my mind today."Nick!""Huh?""Why'd you stop countin'? Now I lost track."Shit! I'd got so distracted I guess I'd stopped counting. Just then, coachblew his whistle and called out for us to switch. We quickly switchedplaces an' I started my sit-ups. I had boned up pretty good while I waspeekin' up Sam's shorts and I was hopin' he couldn't see as well up myshorts as I could see up his. I did notice that he seemed to be lookin' inthat direction as he counted off.We were finally done with all the drills about two hours later. Coach hadus line up again and he gave us one more dressing down before he let usgo. We all dragged our asses back towards the locker room. Sam and Ibitched to each other about what a hard-ass Elweb Lolita the coach was. When we gotinside, coach was standin' at the entrance to his office as everyone passedby. He was hollerin' out to everyone to get showered and get outtathere. As I passed by, coach held out at his hand and blocked me frompassing."In my office McCavett," coach barked.I turned around to Sam who just gave me shrug and said, "Catch you later."I walked into coach's office and stood in front of his desk. Coach closedthe door behind him and walked slowly around and sat down at his desk. Heopened a folder which sat at the center of his desk. He picked up that oldcigar and started chewin' on it again. I waited nervously waitin' to seewhat coach wanted. Sweat dripped down my forehead and ran down my chest. Iwas still hot as hell from the drills on the field. Coach looked up fromhis folder Elweb Lolita and gave me a long hard look."Well, McCavett, you did pretty well out there today. Saw some good moves,you look pretty quick.""Thank you, sir," I replied, suppressing a smile. I didn't want to seemsmug."I think you just might make the team here after all. Just one thingconcerns me, McCavett.""What's that, sir," I asked feeling nervous."Well, I got your exam results here from Dr. Mitchell."My heart dropped Elweb Lolita into my stomach. I suddenly felt weak in the knees. I feltmy face flush. What was in there? What had he written in the results? Isuddenly wanted to run outta that room. I couldn't move, though, and I juststood there, frozen, with my jaw on the floor."Says here that you got an unusually sensitive prostate."I felt like cryin'. I couldn't believe Dr. Mitchell put that in the report.Now I wasn't gonna make the team. I was so embarrassed. What would thecoach think?Coach chewed on his cigar and fixed me with a steely gaze. He leaned backin his chair and put his feet up on the desk."See, I gotta make sure all my players are in perfect health. Can't take nochances on a player that may not be up to snuff.""But, I...""But what, son? What am I supposed to do here?""But Dr. Mitchell said I should be ok if I get it checked regularly." I wasso embarrassed tellin' him about this. I felt like I was standin' therenaked, him knowin' this private thing about me. Did he even know what kindof exam it was?"I got a lot on my plate already without worryin' if one of my players istakin' care of his health. What am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to trustthat you're getting' this checked regularly. How am I supposed to know ifyou're seein' Dr. Mitchell regularly?""I...I...don't know, sir.""You don't know? You don't know. Well, I guess you just won't be makin'the team then.""But, but, sir... I mean there must be a way. I want this so bad. I gottamake the team.""I don't know. It'd be a risk.""But, sir, I'll do whatever you ask. Just tell me what I gotta do. Really,Dr. Mitchell Elweb Lolita said I'd be okay."I was in a panic. Torn between bein' embarrassed about my condition anddesperate to get on the team. I really would have done anything.Coach gave me a long stare. Elweb Lolita Then he slowly got up from his chair and walkedaround to me. He stood close so I could smell the stink of his cigar andhis manly smell. He towered over me. I was shakin', on the verge oftears. He pulled the cigar outta his mouth."I guess there could be a way." "What is it coach? Whatever it is I'll do it.""'Spose I could check you out myself, on a regular basis, that is."My pulse was racin'. What did he mean? What did he know? How much hadDr. Mitchell written in that report? I felt like I was in all kinds oftrouble. I didn't know what to do just standin' there scared as shit."You know, I was a medic in the army. Got lots of experience doin'physicals.""Yes, sir?""Sure do."I didn't know if I'd be able to handle it, havin' the coach give me aprostate exam. Would he make me do it here? Would I hafta get naked? I'ddie if he found out how much I liked getting' checked out up there. What ifI threw a bone while he was doin' it to me? He'd think I was Elweb Lolita a fag andthen I'd never make it on the team."So, what do you think, McCavett? You wanna make the team?""Yes, sir!""So you'll agree to let me give you a thorough exam?""Uh...yes, of course, sir.""Alright then, let's get to it.""Here, sir? Now?""Hell yes, McCavett!" he barked.He walked around Elweb Lolita me to the door to his office and locked it and turned toface me again."I'm gonna make this easy on you, McCavett. You do as I tell you, and be agood boy, an' I'll make sure you make the team. Now drop those umbros, putyour hands on the desk and bend over."I hesitated a moment, and then resigned myself to the situation. If Iwalked out, I'd be off the team. If I stayed here and let coach do the examI had a chance. I'd have to risk the coach knowin' how much it turned me onhavin' my prostate felt up.With the coach watchin' me I pushed my umbros down, over my jockstrap andto the floor. I fumbled my way closer to the desk and put my hands on thedesk and leaned over so my bare ass was exposed to coach."Guess if you done this with Dr. Mitchell, I don't need to explain whatwe're gonna do," coach said. He moved around to a wall mounted cabinet. Icould hear him fishin' around there and I figured he was getting' somecream or somethin'.He stepped up behind me and I braced myself for what was to come."Get your shorts outta the way and spread your legs, McCavett."I kicked my umbros aside and spread my legs further apart, grateful for Elweb Lolita thetime being that at least I had my jockstrap to cover up my meat in case Ithrew wood."Good, McCavett. Now I'm gonna feel around up there, so you just relax."I felt coach's hand feel up the back of my thigh and up to my ass check."Got nice, strong legs, kid. Can tell you'd be real good.""Thanks, coach," I croaked.I was still sweatin' pretty good in the hot, small office. I'd never reallycooled down from the field. I could feel the sweat runnin' down my back anddown my legs and ass crack. Coach Elweb Lolita rubbed his hands over my ass cheeks andthen ran a thumb between my cheeks and right over my Elweb Lolita sweaty hole, sendin'shivers all the way up my spine."Can see you're in real good shape, kid. Good strong legs, nice firm ass. Agood soccer player's gotta have a strong lower body."With one hand he was kneading my left ass cheek and with the other he wasrubbin' on my hot, sweaty hole. He hadn't even put any cream on his fingersyet and he was almost inside my ass. His hands all over me made my dickstart to thicken. He was teasin' my hole, rubbin' his thick digits over mytight pucker, makin' me crazy.He stopped for a second to get some cream, then I felt him smear it acrossmy ass, usin' his thick thumb to get me all greased up."Take a deep breath, McCavett."I did, and then I felt him slide his thick forefinger right up my ass. Iwinced at the initial shock. He pushed it in an' out a couple of times tolet me get used to Elweb Lolita it."Good, McCavett."I couldn't help it. As soon as the coach's thick finger was up my ass Iwent to full hard in no time. My thick cock was pushin' hard against thejockstrap, which I was thankful to be wearin'. Coach's finger felt so goodup there and I kinda got a thrill bein' exposed to him in this way rightthere in his office while I could still hear the rest of the kids in theshowers getting' cleaned up.Coach kept pushin' his finger in and out, deeper each time till his fingerwas all the way up there and I felt him hit my prostate."Ungh," I moaned."Oh, yeah. Guess you are real sensitive. Real tight, too. How's that feel?""Uh, it feels real sensitive coach.""Yeah, I can tell," he said as he continued to manipulate my sensitivespot. He pulled his finger out and then put two of his thick fingers up myass. He started thrustin' his fingers faster. He was kinda rough, not likethe doctor. Still it felt so fuckin' good. I could feel my hard cockdroolin' pre-cum as he thrust his fingers in an' out, teasin' myprostate. With his free hand, he was squezzin' my ass cheeks like he wasfeelin' cantaloupes. I realized coach's interest in my condition wasn'tonly medical."How's that feel, McCavett? That feel good?""Ungh, coach. It feels real sensitive.""Make ya hard, McCavett?""Coach?""Shit, I gotta explain everything to you." He reached around and grabbedthe front of my jock, squeezin' my thick hard cock with his rough hand. Myass reflexively squeezed hard on his fingers."Well, I guess it does," said coach. "Nothin' wrong with that. Perfectlynormal."He continued massaging my prostate with his two, then three fingers. Itfelt so hot, I thought I was gonna blow my load."Think I'm gonna have to do a more thorough exam, McCavett.""Yes, sir?"Could it be?"Yeah, McCavett. You're real sensitive up there an' I wanna make sureyou're up for the team. Gonna have to get up there a little deeper.""Yes, sir.""Dr. Mitchell told me about your exams. Told me about how he comes by yourhouse sometimes and gives you a special exam. And an injection."I felt like I was gonna pass out. I couldn't believe Dr. Mitchell told himabout our exams. I was so embarrassed, I wanted to die. Couldn't do muchthough, bent over coach's desk with his fingers buried up to the hilt. Atleast he couldn't see my face."You ready McCavett? You wanna make the team?""Yes, sir," I croaked."So, what?""So...I...I...guess you'll have to give me an exam and injection likeDr. Mitchell does." I was so embarrassed. An' he was makin' me say it.Makin' me ask for it."Alright then, McCavett."Coach slid his fingers outta my ass. I heard him undoin' his shorts andgrabbin' the cream. I couldn't see him but I imagined him slickin' up hisdick while I waited, ass exposed for what was comin'."You ready McCavett?""Yes, coach."He stepped closer and I felt the head of his thick cock touch mypucker. Chills ran down my spine. He ran the fat, rubbery head over myhole, makin' me crazy. He started pushin forward with little thrusts,testin' my tight hole. Slowly he started pushin' in as his thick cockheadstarted stretchin' my hole open. It hurt like hell as his meat wasstretchin' my ass to the limit as more of his thick head pushedforward. With a short thrust he popped the head through my clutching assring."Ooohhhh," I cried."Easy, kid. Take a deep breath."He held still as my ass adjusted to his massive cock. It felt thicker thanthe doctor's. I tried to relax my ass muscles, knowin' the pain would soonbe gone.""Good, McCavett," coach said as he slowly slid more of his cock meat up mysweaty chute. He would shove a little more in, and then pull back out. Thepain quickly went away as I felt coach getting' deeper up my ass. His cockfelt impossibly thick and long as he slid more of it up in me and still hewasn't all the way in. His fat cockhead bumped my prostate and I groanedwith pleasure."That it McCavett? That your sensitive spot?""Oh yeah, coach."He rubbed his cock back an' forth across my sensitive spot makin' me weakwith pleasure and my cock throb against the tight, mesh pouch. He wasmakin' me crazy with his thrusts. Then, suddenly, he shoved all the way inan' I felt his hairy nuts slap my ass. My breath caught as I felt him fillme completely. He was leanin' hard on me tryin' to shove himself evenfurther up my tight ass. Slowly he pulled back and all the way out. Then heslowly pushed back in so just the head was in. then out again. In and out,makin' me crazy wantin' him to shove it all the way up me and fuck the helloutta me. He kept up just slippin' me his fat head 'till it ran across myprostate again an' I arched my back from the pleasure."Oh yeah, son, you are real sensitive. Squeeze!" he barked."Sir?""Squeeze your ass, kid!"I squeezed as hard as I could around coach's thick meat as he plunged inand outta me."That's it, kid. Let me feel you work that ass."He was fuckin' me harder now with long hard strokes. The feel of his thickmeat poundin' my ass was drivin' me wild. I kept squeezing on his meat ashe fucked me harder, his big nuts slappin' my ass. I loved the feel Elweb Lolita of hishairy thighs against the back of my legs. He made no effort to hide thepleasure he was takin' from this."Good, McCavett. Keep squeezing that ass. Gonna make sure we get a realthorough exam. Gonna check that prostate good. Oh, yeah that's tight"My dick was throbbin' hard as coach fucked the hell outta me. He startedpullin' all the way out and then slammin' his fat cock all the way back inme, makin' me shudder all over. I gripped the edge of the desk hard and letmy head rest on the folder as he continued to take my ass."Gonna give you an injection. Gonna give it to you soon, McCavett. Youready kid?""Oh yeah, coach, I need it. Give it to me.""Yeah, I know you want it. Can't wait for it can you? Squeeze harder, kid"He slapped my ass hard as he kept fuckin' me deep. His rough talk an' hisrough fuckin' had me so close to cummin'. My balls were tight up against meand I felt like I was gonna blow at any second. My dick straining hardcramped up, soakin' the mesh fabric with precum. I felt dizzy an' my kneeswent weak. Coach reached around and grabbed my dick through my jockstrapand started jackin' me off through the rough fabric. Then he moved down andstarted squeezin' my big, full nuts as he slammed his fat cock all the wayup my ass."Oh shit, coach.""Gonna cum, kid?""Oh yeah coach - can't help it.""Go ahead, McCavett. Let it go.""Aw, fuck."His fat cock up my ass and his rough hands on my cock and nuts sent me overthe edge. My ass spasmed hard on his thrusting meat and my whole bodyseized up."Ungh!"Cum started pumpin' outta my thick cock as coach continued to pound me. Theharder he pounded, the harder I shot my thick load into the sweatyjockstrap."Oh shit, McCavett. Gonna get Elweb Lolita your injection - gonna give it to ya now."I felt coach's cock thicken and throb as he started pumpin' me full of hishot cum."Here it comes, kid. Take it."Coach was thrustin' hard as he shot his huge load all the way up my ass. Mycock was still pumpin' out my thick load which started drippin' outta thejock and hittin' the floor."Aw yeah, take it all, McCavett."Finally coach started to slow as the last of his cum shot outta hisdickhead an' up my ass. My own orgasm was subsiding and I was panting withexhaustion. Coach slowed till he was hardly movin, an' then he stoppedcompletely, still buried up my tight ass."Hold still, now, an' I'm gonna pull this out."I did as he said as he started to withdraw his impossibly long cock from myass. I stayed put as I listened to him wipe up an' get his shorts back up."Alright, McCavett you can put your shorts back on. An' clean up that messyou made on the floor."I got my shorts quickly and got some paper towels to clean up thefloor. Coach went back to behind his desk an' sat down again. As I got myshorts on I turned to face coach who was watchin' me with a grin."Looks like you're gonna make the team after all. But, we're gonna haftakeep an eye on your condition. Understand McCavett?""Yes, sir.""Now get the hell outta here. Get showered up an' we'll see you next weekfor practice."I made quick work of getting' outta there. The locker room was deserted bythe time I was out there. I took a long, hot shower alone, goin' over whatjust happened. Guess I couldn't be mad at the doctor for tellin' coach'bout me. He must've known the coach would want to give me anexam. Probably knew how much I'd love it too. An' he would've Elweb Lolita been right. Idid love it. I liked the way coach was rough with me. I was lookin' forwardto a good season!I got dressed and got my knapsack. I was headin' outta of the gym into thelate afternoon. As soon as I got out, I spotted Sam leanin' up against theoutside of the building. When he saw me he waved an' ran up to me."What happened in there?" Sam asked."Whaddya mean?" I asked. I was nervous he might have guessed somethin'."I mean what the hell were you in there for so long? Coach pissed at youabout somethin'.""Nah.""Well what, then?"I smirked."I'll tell you about it some other time."
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